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Luke Cage

I've been slowly watching (and really enjoying) Luke Cage; I just finished ep8, and find it an excellent show with great characters. It hasn't quite grabbed me the way Jessica Jones did, though, which I attribute to the different atmospheres of the shows. JJ involved intensely personal psychological horror and trauma and built up a very close, claustrophobic atmosphere. Luke Cage is set on a larger, more political stage and thus can't - and isn't intended to - achieve the kind of intense, riveting suspense that JJ did.

Here are two not really spoilery and one very ep-7-spoilery moments!Collapse )

So, are you watching this show? What do you think?


Turns out I am a True Neutral Gnome Wizard.

Sounds about right, except for the gnome part. I hadn't noticed I was particularly short, but I guess everything is relative. ;-)

How about you - what kind of D&D character would you be?


Am finally slowly approaching the final eps of Daredevil's second season, and my overwhelming feeling about it is...

spoiler cut for people even slower than me to watch the showCollapse )

I have eps 12 and 13 left to watch, and am actually not sure whether I particularly mind spoilers at this point. Maybe just avoid any really major ones if you comment? Thanks!

Inspired by Love and Cannibals

Check out this Hannibal-themed Tarot deck on Kickstarter...

I never got into the show myself, but I know many of you did, and the art does look awesome. So hey, might be of interest! If it were for one of my fandoms, I'd totally back it. :-)

Accidental poetry

Meme seen at poisontaster's: Put your music player on shuffle, and write down the first line of the first twenty songs. Post the poem that results. The first line of the twenty-first song is the title.

I shortened some lines for effect, added the proper spacing, and feel the result is very profound, if perhaps slightly pretentious.

And now it's time for new horizons

When the lights go out
I wear my sunglasses

Dreams are like water

What is love?
Look around the world
Never mind the face you put on in front of me
Take my hand and lead the way
In the empire of the senses
Every second is a lifetime

It's time the tale were told
Cause it's a bittersweet symphony

Oscail mo shúile
Did you stand in front of me
Takmış koluna elin adamını
When I woke up today
Begirlich in dem Hertzen min

You shout it out
I have the time
It's alright, baby

You were shaken

Star Wars!

So I've finally (!!) seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and I quite enjoyed it. Here are some random thoughts!

Spoilers and thoughts behind the cut. Collapse )


Three random things make a post

I'm so bitter over a fictional couple's breakup right now, OMG. Anyone else watching Shameless and totally unwilling to move on from Ian/Mickey?

Also, I've evidently been living under a rock, because I totally missed the bruhaha about the OTW Board elections. Wow, it's like they're real politicians and/or managers... I'm sure there will be fanfic at some point.

I've bailed on a bunch of shows I used to love, which is sad. I do intend to pick them up again at some point, but they all had alarming developments and/or general tendencies that make me drag my feet. I know some of you are still watching Haven, Grimm and Game of Thrones (not sure about Person of Interest...?) - I may ask whether it's safe to dip my toe back in at some point. ;-)

In other news: I am still alive! My brainspace is limited right now, partly because I'm trying to write a sequel (when I have always been afraid of sequels). All in all, things are very thingy around here. ;-)

Summer of '39

There has to be a Steve/Bucky fanvid to "Summer of '69", right? I mean. Can't you just SEE Bucky standing on his momma's porch in the summer of '39, promising he'd wait forever... but yeah, Steve, nothing can last forever, right? And the times, they sure are changin'.

No, I still haven't gotten over my Captain America issues, but as it turns out, I can suppress them temporarily under certain circumstances. Certain circumstances involve very good slash fanfic, to nobody's surprise.

I am so weak to good slash fanfic, it's seriously sad. (Still not reading Steve/Tony, though.)

Sep. 9th, 2015

It's time to start collecting possible Yuletide fandoms again... and to assure myself that I really don't have the time. No, really.* Time flies!

Anyone else planning to participate and/or nominate fandoms this year?


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