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Dear Yuletide Author

Dear Yulewriter,

thank you so much for writing a story for me! I’ll try to give you an impression of both what I like to read in general, and what I like about the fandoms I’ve requested, but please don’t worry if you have a different story idea or are drawn to different aspects of canon. Any story you write in one of these fandoms will make me happy.

General LikesCollapse )

General DislikesCollapse )

Guardian (TV)Collapse )

Almost HumanCollapse )

WinnetouCollapse )

I hope this is helpful! And if in doubt, please remember that these are all only suggestions. If you are inspired to go in a different direction, write the story you want to write!
Yuletide is tempting me! It does this every year, and so far I have womanfully resisted. But maybe this year...?

So far I only have one fandom I'd like to write in, though. (And yes, extempore, it's Guardian. *g* Which... more about that later!) I'll have to ponder at more length...

Are you guys participating this year - or are you still resisting temptation? What fandoms are you looking at?

Blast from the past

The TER/MA archive is moving to the AO3! My first stories from when I was a bright-eyed newbie slasher are on there. To think that I now officially qualify as a Fannish Dinosaur... time does fly.

I read the other day that Callum Keith Rennie was offered the part of Alex Krycek, but turned it down. Imagine if he had taken the part... I can't help but think that version of Krycek would have had an entirely different dynamic with Mulder from the start, ultimately leading to an entirely different relationship - though I have no doubt that it would have been every bit as slashy. ;-)

In other news, yes, I still exist! I have merely gone into fannish hibernation, if hibernation means a state where I still read DW and LJ as well as all the slash fanfic I can get my hands on. Haven't been grabbed by any new fandoms, though. What about you guys?


For everyone I haven't found over on Dreamwidth yet (or anyone else, really! I'm very friendly and don't bite!) - I am rheasilvia on Dreamwidth, just like on LJ.

I won't be deleting my LJ, nor will I stop cross-posting here, but it looks like LJ will experience even more of a fannish exodus thanks to the recent policy changes. Not that I expect Dreamwidth will be hopping with fannish activity as a result, sadly enough...

I've never gotten the hang of tumblr and Twitter, so I hope the next big fannish platform comes along soon, and is conversation- and fic-friendly.
I am insanely bothered by a throw-away line in The Originals in which "Teutoburg" is explained as a reference to a "battle in which the bad guys surprised the good guys".

Really, self? Being bothered by anything at all on that show is an exercise in - I don't even know what.

But also, really, show? Invading imperialistic armies are the good guys...?

And also, "really, show" just on general principles, for everything else that you're doing.

Alternative Oscars

Heard on the radio: the alternative oscars. Aaaand the winners are...

Best president impersonator: Donald Trump!

Best costume: Ivanka Trump!

Best special effects: Vladimir Putin for the results of the US presidential election 2016!


YMMV: The Flash and The Iris Situation

So, I am finally watching The Flash - only about 3 years after everyone else. :-) It took me this long because I watched the first ep when the series started, and, well. Did not think it was promising. But since everyone else seems to be enjoying the series so much, I figured it must get better, and have given it another try! I started with ep2 this time, and things have been going much better.

I'm only up to S01E05, so the series hasn't really found its feet yet, but its doing well enough. Standard superhero series plots, but entertaining, with likeable characters. I like Barry and many of the secondary characters, and am happy to see what the series holds in store. It hasn't really grabbed me, but it isn't rubbing me the wrong way either, and I can see it getting there in time.

But there is one thing that I really, really dislike and that fills me with apprehension: The Iris Situation. Warning for extreme grumpiness that may harsh squee under the cut...

My grumpy thoughts on The Iris Situation - do not read if squee might be harshed.Collapse )

Feel free to spoil me for the Iris Situation, which I feel it can only be a good thing to be prepared for. Not for anything else though, please!

Spam for the win!

I don't know what it is about this spam email, but I find it strangely endearing in its awkwardness:

A naked brunette will come to you on Christmas

Sexy lady for a real man!

I am well-shaped, elegant, emotional and hot!

Well said, naked brunette. I am seriously tempted to nominate this well-shaped sexy lady for Yuletide 2017. ;-)



Wanted to post a treat to Yuletide this year and was actually all excited, but failed to meet the posting deadline due to xmas and work and RL. Argh?

Why did I think posting treats went on for longer? I don't know. Double argh.

ETA: Fortunately, I am still (just) in time to post to the Madness collection. Phew! Not all is lost. :-) I never actually knew what the Madness collection was before now, so this has been a learning experience all around. ;-)


I am so sorry and scared for everyone in the US right now - my thoughts are with you. I am also sorry and scared for the rest of the world, because this has the potential to blow up in the whole world's faces.

This entire year has been like a disastrous study in humanity's willful blindness to facts and political reality. Not to mention humanity.

This might be a good time for aliens to invade and take over. They can hardly do a worse job than we are.

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